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Why Chip In

Why Chip In?  Like you we are shocked and horrified at how some government agencies and even supposed “advocacy groups” treat our North American native species wild horses.  If you’ve checked out our website you are aware that we are a 100% volunteer board who work non-stop, in many cases using dollars from our own pockets, to enable the Wild Horse Fire Brigade to move forward.  Through “Our Herd” we also offer a pilot program that shows that Wild Horse Fire Brigade works! Now we need to offer the same program in multiple nearby counties; each which have ample appropriate wilderness lands with hundreds of thousands of acres for wild horses. These areas would allow our horses to thrive in an area where they do NOT compete with livestock grazing, much less wealthy mining and gas/oil corporations. These wild horses can be restored in family groups as keystone herbivores in wilderness areas where they can significantly reduce wildfire as an additional benefit!
Each year we’re seeing thousands of these wild horses, the majority rounded up in horrific conditions by the Bureau of Land Management, going to auctions and many to kill pens then ultimately slaughter plants.  What we offer instead is a type of rewilding utilizing funding, as noted below, that goes directly to the horses and not to be confused with advocacy groups who continue to sue the Bureau of Land Management while taking in big bucks for their own salaries!

  • Funds are needed to promote our social media campaigns on a variety of platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google. Without paying these platforms for 'promoted' posts, we only reach a tiny fraction of the audience we need to reach.

  • While we try to do everything with volunteers we are in dire need of a social media professional who has the skill set to address the hundreds of questions generated by social media in chats and comments.

  • We need funds for our educational outreach programs to various universities and colleges that specialize in equine and wildlife avenues. These educational outreach programs would include transmit collars to follow lead mares in various herds so appropriate data can be gathered as a potential graduate study program to share with everyone and especially the BLM and forest service groups.

  • Funding is needed to make presentations in person to country commissioners located throughout the west.  Covering gas and on occasion a hotel room as a bare minimum as volunteers donate their time and presentation skills.  

If you can help via a recurring monthly donation that would be the very best thing you can do as it gives us an idea of what we can plan to fund in the future. We are a 501c3 “not for profit” and have a CHIP IN button on our website that takes credit cards through PayPal or we have a location to take checks made out to 'Wild Horse Fire Brigade' send via mail to our address listed on the website also. We appreciate you contacting us and look forward to your willingness to help the Wild Horse Fire Brigade!​

Wild horses have been part of our American heritage for hundreds, even thousands of years. Help us get them to their FOREVER home in Critical Wilderness areas. 

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